Fitness At Beachy Keen

Fitness at Beachy Keen

Motivate Your Mind and Your Body Will Follow

Fitness at Beachy Keen, owned by Debi Reines, (ISSA Certified), is a Suffolk County, New York-Based private fitness facility. I offer classes in a motivating atmosphere that overlooks “The Great South Bay,” allowing you to feel easily inspired during one-on-one personalized fitness programs. I train clients anywhere from Islip to Hampton Bays and am happy to work with clients of all ages and fitness levels. I work hard behind the scenes to create dynamic, tailored programs that work to achieve each client’s specific goals while remaining fun.


I started Fitness at Beachy Keen to pursue my long-time dream of becoming a personal trainer. I have been exercising regularly since I was 18 years old and experienced personal training for the first time in my 30s. Now I have 15 years of personal training services under my belt, and I couldn’t be happier to offer my clients the same type of motivation that ultimately changed my life.

With Fitness at Beachy Keen, I enjoy seeing results come to life and spread joy amongst my clients as they change their lives for the better. I believe that personal health is a gift that everyone deserves. In addition to personal training, I also lecture at women’s clubs to help educate others about health and physical fitness.

Change Your Life, Start Today

Everyone’s journey to physical fitness has to start somewhere. I would be honored if you came to the water’s edge and started with Fitness at Beachy Keen. Contact (631) 987-7687 to sign up for your first free session today